His Love Endures Forever Religious Banner
Gospel Chapel has been loving families in the Sylvan Lake area for generations. It has a rich heritage of sharing God’s incredible blessings throughout our community and offering hope in times of need. 
We are excited to be part of a vibrant Christian culture in one of the fastest growing areas in Canada. We long to see our community transformed by demonstrating the hope there is in Jesus.
Our meetings and events strive to be engaging and relevant, with tools to make life easier. We also purpose to allow the powerful work of God’s Spirit to see people walk in freedom and wholeness. 
When it comes to “doing church” this is what we have discovered…

Belong…nothing is more important to people then to be unconditionally loved, accepted and valued. We also need to have a place to call our own; where we have a voice. It has been said… “You are never more ready to “hear and understand ” than when you have been “heard and understood”.


Believe…this environment fosters a willingness to discover what makes it such a loving and healing place. It’s about knowing Jesus! To believe whom He says He is and to believe what He says He will do.


Become…by receiving Christ and allowing Him to lead our lives, this transforming work can continue. He longs to bring freedom from addiction and pain, to a new liberty sustained with purpose, peace and hope..